Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ page, where we provide detailed answers to all your queries about our Lightweight AR-15 Brass Deflectors, ensuring you have all the information you need for a safe, efficient, and enhanced shooting experience.

Our Lightweight AR-15 Brass Deflectors are expertly engineered accessories designed for AR-15 rifles. They are durable, easy to install, and compatible with a wide range of AR-15 models. These deflectors are built to last, impress in design, and are priced affordably.

We offer four color options for our AR-15 Brass Deflectors:


  • Black
  • Arctic White
  • Coyote Brown
  • OD Green

You can select your favorite color to match your rifle or personal preference.

The primary benefits of using our AR-15 Brass Deflector include:


  • Protection from hot brass ejections, enhancing safety and focus during shooting.
  • Compatibility with Mil-Spec AR-15 Upper receivers, particularly effective with 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem ammunition.
  • Easy installation with 3M adhesive, including an adhesion promoter and cleaner for optimal attachment.
  • Made from thermoplastic elastomer to absorb impact and effectively deflect shells.

Our AR-15 Brass Deflectors are ideal for:


  • Left-handed shooters.
  • Long-range precision shooters.
  • Shooters at ranges without dividers between bays.
  • Individuals collecting brass for reuse, as it facilitates easier collection and prevents damage.
  • Shooters at ranges with dividers, to prevent brass from bouncing back.
  • Shooters using suppressed firearms, as it helps reduce excess gas exposure.

To install the AR-15 Brass Deflector, follow these simple steps:


  1. Ensure the firearm is unloaded.
  2. Pre-check the placement to ensure the dust cover can function correctly.
  3. After the adhesion promoter is fully dry, carefully place the shell deflector.
  4. Avoid storing the firearm with pressure directly on the deflector.
  5. Installation is optimal at room temperature or warmer.

Yes, our AR-15 Brass Deflectors boast several special features:


  • Optimized ejection pattern suitable for vehicle-based operations.
  • Compatibility with MIL-SPEC Upper Receivers.
  • Made from thermoplastic elastomer to absorb impact.
  • Enhances safety and convenience in side-by-side shooting scenarios.

Our AR-15 Brass Deflectors are US-Patent approved, with the Patent ID: PAT US 9664468 B1.

Absolutely. Our AR-15 Brass Deflectors are an excellent addition for competitive shooters. They minimize distractions caused by ejected brass, allowing for better focus and performance during competitions.

Yes, our brass deflectors are designed to withstand high temperatures typically encountered during shooting. The thermoplastic elastomer material ensures durability and resistance to heat.

No, the AR-15 Brass Deflector is designed to complement the rifle's functionality without interference. It is crucial to follow the installation instructions to ensure that the dust cover and other parts of the rifle operate correctly.

The longevity of the adhesive depends on various factors, including frequency of use and exposure to environmental conditions. However, it is designed for durability and should last under normal shooting conditions. Replacement adhesives can be purchased if necessary.

Yes, the AR-15 Brass Deflector can be removed when needed. Care should be taken during removal to avoid damaging the rifle's surface. Instructions for safe removal are provided with the product.

Reusability depends on the condition of the adhesive after removal. If the adhesive maintains its integrity, the deflector can be reused. Otherwise, a new adhesive will be required.

While our AR-15 Brass Deflectors are primarily designed for civilian and competitive use, their durability and functionality make them suitable for various applications, including some military uses.

By effectively deflecting ejected brass away from the shooter and nearby individuals, the AR-15 Brass Deflector reduces the risk of burns and distractions, thereby enhancing overall safety during shooting.

Maintenance is minimal. It is recommended to periodically check the adhesive's integrity and ensure the deflector is securely attached. Cleaning the deflector with non-abrasive materials will help maintain its appearance and functionality.

Currently, our AR-15 Brass Deflectors come in standard designs and colors. However, we are always open to feedback and can consider customizations for bulk orders or specific requirements.

The AR-15 Brass Deflector is lightweight and designed to have a minimal impact on the rifle's balance and overall weight. It enhances the shooting experience without cumbersome additions.

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