Custom Cerakote Designs by the Professionals

Cerakote is a special type of coating that makes things look good and last longer. It’s great for protecting against scratches, rust, and more. We’re experts in putting this coating on different items, like parts of guns, car parts, and other objects that need a special touch.

custom Cerakote gun part usa

What We Do

Cerakote For Guns

People from all over the country trust us to work on their guns.


    • Whole Guns: Whether it’s an old family gun or a brand-new one, we can cover the whole thing in Cerakote to make it look great and stay protected.

    • Just Parts: If you only want certain parts of your gun done, that’s okay too. We can focus on specific pieces.

    • Big Orders for Companies: If you make guns and need lots of them coated at once, we can handle that. Just get in touch with us to talk about the details.

Cerakote For Cars

Car fans love to make their rides stand out. Using Cerakote on parts of a car can make it look unique and keep the parts safe from wear and tear.


    • Parts of the Car: We can do any part of the car, like rims or parts of the engine.

    • Big Car Projects: If you’re working on fixing up a whole car or making it look a certain way, we can help with that too.

Other Stuff

Cerakote isn’t just for guns and cars. If you have tools, machine parts, or other things that could use a protective coating, let us know.

How to Reach Out

If you have a big order or just want to chat about a project, please contact us. We’re here to answer questions, give you a price, or set up a time to meet. We’re here to make your stuff look amazing and last a long time. Trust us to do a great job with our Cerakote services.

custom Cerakote gun part usa
custom Cerakote classic gun
gold and blue custom Cerakote pistol with stars
custom Cerakote part
custom Cerakote ak47
custom Cerakote gun part marble
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