The Official Johnson Custom AR-15 Brass Deflector

Our AR 15 Brass Deflector is patent-approved, lightweight, non-obtrusive, perfect for the left-handed shooter, and made right here in Eugene, Oregon.

Who are the AR15 Brass Deflectors for?

For the discerning long-range precision shooter, especially those who are left-handed, our AR-15 brass deflector offers a combination of efficiency, safety, and precision, making it an invaluable addition to their shooting arsenal.

Tailored for Left-Handed Precision Shooters: In the world of long-range precision shooting, the finest details can make all the difference, and catering to the unique needs of left-handed shooters is paramount. Introducing our top-of-the-line AR-15 brass deflector, meticulously designed for those who truly appreciate the art of shooting.

Optimal Functionality in Varied Ranges: For enthusiasts who frequent ranges without dividers between shooting bays, our brass deflector serves as an indispensable tool. It streamlines the process of locating and retrieving brass, ensuring that it remains undamaged and intact, thus optimizing its potential for reuse—a particularly valuable feature for those dedicated to conserving and repurposing their brass. Moreover, in ranges equipped with dividers, our brass deflector prevents the spent brass from ricocheting off the dividers, ensuring that the shooter remains undistracted and unimpeded during their shooting sessions.

Enhanced Comfort and Safety: A noteworthy mention is the feedback we’ve received from several of our esteemed customers. They have observed a notable reduction in the amount of excess gas in their face, particularly when shooting with suppressors. This unexpected advantage not only augments shooting comfort but also enhances the overall safety of the shooter.

ar15 on mil-spec brass deflector
ar-15 brass deflector by johnson customs llc on ar15


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