Aerial Hunting: Why Our Brass Deflectors Are a Must-Have

Ready to take on the sky? Grab our AR-15 Brass Deflector for a safe and awesome helicopter hunt. Less hassle, more action! Get yours now.
ar 15 brass deflector in action on a humvee

Get the Edge in Sky-Hunting with Our Brass Deflector

For any avid shooter and hunter, helicopter-based hunting is an unparalleled adrenaline rush. Ironically, airborne shooting presents distinct challenges, from both a safety and a performance standpoint. That’s where we come in. At Johnson Customs, we’ve built products that meet these unique needs in the field, and one in particular: our AR-15 Brass Deflector (Patent ID: PAT US 9664468 B1).

Quality and Convenience

Our patented brass deflector for AR-15s is more than just a necessity; it’s an upgrade to your aerial hunting game. Meticulously designed, it offers a unique blend of quality and convenience, ensuring a smooth and flawless shooting experience.

Take a look at our demonstration videos to understand why every shooter should consider equipping their AR-15 with our brass deflector.

Optimized Ejection Pattern – Ideal for Aerial Hunting

One of the major features that position our brass deflector as an integral member of your hunting gear is its optimized ejection pattern. When you’re thousands of feet above ground level, unpredictability is your biggest enemy โ€“ especially when it comes to spent casings.

Our AR-15 Brass Deflector ensures a consistent ejection pattern, preventing brass cases from being a safety hazard or distraction during your hunt. By deflecting the brass cases away from the shooter, you can maintain focus on your target, enhancing accuracy, safety, and overall hunting performance.

ar15 on mil-spec brass deflector

Compatibility – Fits MIL-SPEC Receivers

To maximize the benefits and simplify the use of our brass deflector, we’ve designed it to fit MIL-SPEC receivers. This ensures that our AR-15 Brass Deflector is not only compatible with all MIL-SPEC AR-15 rifles but also allows for extremely easy installation and removal. Whether it’s for maintenance or transitioning between different firearms, our brass deflector’s interoperability minimizes downtime.

Durability & Efficiency – Built to Last

At Johnson Customs, our products are sculpted for durability and efficiency. Our AR-15 Shell Deflector is built to last, crafted with the highest quality materials to withstand the rigor of any environment or adventure. We understand that in extreme conditions, your equipment needs to hold up. This principle has guided our design and manufacturing process, ensuring our AR-15 Brass Deflector performs optimally, no matter the hunting conditions.

Helicopter hunting presents unique challenges. But with our AR-15 Brass Deflector, we promise a hunting experience that’s more convenient, more efficient, and more exciting than ever before. Because we believe that no adventure should be hampered by inadequate gear. Try our Brass Deflector today and take your aerial hunting experience to new heights.

Explore the thrill of the sky with Johnson Customs’ AR-15 Brass Deflector โ€“ a perfect partner for your aerial hunting adventures. Order Today!

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